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Touchless Solutions

Touchless Solutions

At CTRNY, the health and safety of your employees is our priority.  We offer several solutions for truly touchless punch data collection,  creating a safer workplace environment that eliminates germ-spreading from communal touch points.

GT-10 Facial Recognition Terminal

The GT10 offers state-of-the-art biometric technology with facial recognition that keeps your employees healthy and hands-free. Ensure health and safety. Facial recognition removes the need for physical contact when clocking in, minimizing the spread of illness and reducing employee absences. Eliminate risk. Keep your business in full compliance with biometric data storage laws. Employees can choose how they want their profiles stored. Maintain productivity. Future functionality will enable employees to attest to daily shift or pay period activity and compliance. The GT10 is the touchless time and attendance clock that organizations need more than ever today.

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Key Features

The G10’s flexible, open platform creates opportunities for deployment as an adaptable, simple-to-use kiosk in any market sector. Secure user identification and access to web-based functionality can enhance user experience, provide access to services, and drive efficiency. Designed specifically for continuous use in demanding environments with high traffic, the GT10 is both robust and secure. It features a powerful industrial-grade quad-core processor, together with a range of power options, including Power over Ethernet (PoE) connectivity for fast, cost-effective installation.


Touchless Time Terminal

Our new No Touch Punch feature enables an employee to present a QR code or barcode; eliminating the need to touch the device. Employees can clock in and out by using a standard badge, label, or by using a QR code image from their smart phones!

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Punch in using your phone

No need to carry an extra badge. Employees can pull up and scan a QR code right from their phone.


Employee Self Service

Our Employee Self Service for Desktop allows employees to perform a variety of functions such as Punching In/Out, Requests for Time Off, Expense Entry, built-in messaging and much more. All from their own PC.

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Remote Punching

Employees can punch in right from their computer when they are ready to start their day just as they can at a physical time clock . They can even be prompted to specify the job or project they are working on.


Online Worksheets

Online Worksheets allow employees to quickly and easily log their work hours and keep track of how many hours they spent working on specific jobs or projects.


Online Tasksheets

Employee can fill out an online sign in sheet that includes start and stop times, lunch and breaks, as well as job/project tracking data.


Online Timesheets

When simplicity counts! Employees can effortlessly fill out their online time sheet for the entire pay period. Quick, easy to use and efficient.


Online Allocation Sheets

Our online allocation sheets can actually work in conjunction with our time clocks or ESS punch transactions. The allocation sheet lets employees assign bulk hours to specific jobs or projects. Visual color coding easily identifies if a shift is under or over allocated.


Touchless RFID Terminals

Our line of RFID terminals allows employees to clock in and out simply by waving their personal RFID badge or Key fob in front the device. There is absolutely no need for the employee to come in contact with the device.

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Touchless RFID

Employees can clock in and out simply by waving a badge or keyfob in front of the terminal. Completely touchless.


Key Fobs

Small form-factor key fobs make punching a breeze. Employees can attach to their chain. Never forget your badge again!


Custom Photo ID Printing

Our Service Center can help you design and print custom photo ID badges for your employees.


GPS Location Tracking & Geo-Fencing

Mobile ESS for iPhone & Android can track an employee's location and report that back to the managers. Geo fencing can be configured to send automatic notifications if an employee is outside of an approved geographical zone.

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Managers can quickly and easily setup Geo zones by drawing directly on a Google Map.


Mobile ESS

Employees can record their time at offsite locations, view information on a timely basis and feel more engaged. This connectivity creates a user-friendly environment and leads to employee retention. The app is available in both the Apple and Google Play stores.

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  • Time Tracking app for employees on the go!
  • Instant Notification.

  • With ESS Mobile, Employers Have Options and Employees are Engaged.
  • Where to Download the ESS Mobile App

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