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Remote Workforce

Solutions for Remote Workers

Minimal IT requirements, accessibility from anywhere, and lower upfront costs make our hosted software options a great fit for any company regardless of size. Scalability is the key to our success. Our solutions offer easy to use solutions to help keep track of remote workers.

Employee Self Service

Our Employee Self Service for Desktop allows employees to perform a variety of functions such as Punching In/Out, Requests for Time Off, Expense Entry, built-in messaging and much more.

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Remote Punching

Employees can punch in right from their computer when they are ready to start their day just as they can at a physical time clock . They can even be prompted to specify the job or project they are working on.


Online Worksheets

Online Worksheets allow employees to quickly and easily log their work hours and keep track of how many hours they spent working on specific jobs or projects.


Online Tasksheets

Employee can fill out an online sign in sheet that includes start and stop times, lunch and breaks, as well as job/project tracking data.


Online Timesheets

When simplicity counts! Employees can effortlessly fill out their online time sheet for the entire pay period. Quick, easy to use and efficient.


Online Allocation Sheets

Our online allocation sheets can actually work in conjunction with our time clocks or ESS punch transactions. The allocation sheet lets employees assign bulk hours to specific jobs or projects. Visual color coding easily identifies if a shift is under or over allocated.


Advanced Functionality and Workflows

Whether you are looking to eliminate paper processes, improve workflows, or capture detailed labor information, Employee Self Service for Attendance on Demand has the solution.

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Request Time Off

Eliminate paperwork and effortlessly automate manual workflows. Our built-in leave management system allows employees to request time off with a simple and direct interface. Managers receive instant notifications right to their inbox, mobile phone or dashboard.


Labor Tracking

Employees can quickly and easily specify where they are working and what job or project they are working on.


Employee Messaging

Employees can communicate to their managers right from their portal. No Email account? No Problem.


Cash & CC Tip Reporting

Tipped employees can quickly and easily record both their cash and credit card tips directly into the system.


Employee Notifications

Employees can easily notify managers if they are running late or calling out sick with the touch of a button. Managers receive a notification with an explanation from the employee and an estimated time of arrival.


Review Schedules

Employees can review their upcoming schedules. In addition to seeing when they are working, they can see where they have to work as well as what they should be working on.


GPS Location Tracking & Geo-Fencing

Mobile ESS for iPhone & Android can track an employee's location and report that back to the managers. Geo fencing can be configured to send automatic notifications if an employee is outside of an approved geographical zone.

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Managers can quickly and easily setup Geo zones by drawing directly on a Google Map.


Mobile ESS

Employees can record their time at offsite locations, view information on a timely basis and feel more engaged. This connectivity creates a user-friendly environment and leads to employee retention. The app is available in both the Apple and Google Play stores.

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  • Time Tracking app for employees on the go!
  • Instant Notification.

  • With ESS Mobile, Employers Have Options and Employees are Engaged.
  • Where to Download the ESS Mobile App

Mobile App Deployment

Effortlessly deploy ESS Mobile for iPhone & Android with our built-in deployment tool. Administrators can actually track deployment progress and get high visibility into who has downloaded and installed Mobile ESS on iPhone and Android devices.

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Track Employee Adoption Rates

Quickly see what percentage of your employee population has begun using Mobile ESS.


E-Mail Invitations Made Easy

Send email invitations to employees with direct links to download the mobile application from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.


Employee Device Ecosystem

Gain insights into the diversity of your employee's mobile device ecosystem.


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