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Revenue Control Solutions

Guard Booths & Shelters

Protect your investment with state-of-the-art housing designed to fit aesthetically as well as functionally. Choose from a wide variety of options that fit your budget, design, and comfort for your staff. House equipment that is designed to help secure your facility and give you up to date information on who is entering and exiting. Safety is paramount and can be stylish to boot.

Access Control Booth

Duraluminum 6’x 4′ Access Control Booth with standing seam roof, factory applied brick veneer and transaction window in a sliding door.

Access Control Booth on Platform

Duraluminum 8’x10′ Access Control Booth on Platform with 6″ overhang exterior roof, swing door, through wall HVAC and tinted tempered safety glass. Porta-King supplied the custom 36″ high platform with a stair and landing to elevate this access control booth, providing better visibility for the guard on duty.

Access Control Booths

Durasteel 4’x7′ Access Control Booths with rounded corners, rounded fixed windows, custom two-toned paint, exterior lights, and a through-wall HVAC unit.

Access Control Building

Durasteel 9’x 4′ Access Control Building with a rounded end, tinted glazing, 15″ raised roof fascia with 1″ horizontal reveal to conceal a roof mounted A.C. unit. Includes 36″ sliding door with transaction window.

Access Control Building with Brick

Duraluminum 8’x6′ Access Control Building with brick, standing seam roof, energy-saving transaction window and tinted glazing with wrap-around satellite style corners

Custom Access Control Booth

Durasteel 8’x4′ Custom Access Control Booth features Colonial Style walls and window mullions, standing seam roof, tinted glazing, exterior spotlight and transaction window within the sliding door.

Prefabricated Access Control Booth

Durasteel 9’x 5′ Prefabricated Access Control Booth with 2 rounded ends, tinted polycarbonate, sliding doors with transaction window and 25″ High Flush Roof Fascia.

Rounded End Access Control Booth

Durasteel 8×4 Rounded End Access Control Booth with custom Blue Tinted Polycarbonate glazing, sliding door and roof mounted heat/cool unit.

Steel Access Control Building

Durasteel PC 9’x4′ Steel Access Control Building with 9″ overhang exterior roof, 10″ high fascia, sliding doors, roof mounted HVAC and insulated Low-E glazing.

Steel Access Control Building with Restroom

Durasteel 14’x7′ Access Control Building with Restroom features tinted tempered safety glass with butt-to-butt glazed corners, 18″ high radius corner fascia with 1″ reveal, factory installed intercom and thru-wall HVAC.

Access Control Booth

Custom Security Booth (10)

Durasteel 8×6 Custom Security Booth with tinted tempered butt-to-butt satellite glazing, sliding door and 9″ high radius corner fascia with a reveal.

Access Control Booth

Anodized Aluminum Guard Booths (11)

Duraluminum 6’x4′ Guard Booth with Clear Anodized Aluminum finish, tinted tempered safety glass, thru-wall HVAC unit, and custom back-lit signage.

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