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Cloud Solutions

Cloud Based Labor Management Systems

Minimal IT requirements, accessibility from anywhere, and lower upfront costs make our hosted software options a great fit for any company regardless of size. Scalability is the key to our success. Whether you have 5 employees or 30,000 employees, complicated calculations or simple ones, need more functionality or just the bare minimum, our systems are adaptable to meet your ever-changing needs.

Attendance on Demand

Our Attendance on Demand modular based cloud solution fully automates your time and attendance needs. Based upon over 30 years of development and incorporating nation-wide idiosyncrasies into the calculation engine, the software is dynamic and able to handle sophisticated rules with no customizations. Thereby, keeping costs reasonable. Yet, the software was specifically designed and developed to be easily adroit at adding in new features quickly and efficiently. This dynamic approach blends extensive knowledge, wisdom learned over many years with state of the art design and functionality! The most comprehensive labor management design in the industry and all for the right price.

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System Highlights

  • Dashboards customized for your organization and users.
  • Dynamic Time Cards instantly capture employee time and management adjustments.
  • Drill-down summary sheets provide summary labor and employee exception information.
  • Scheduling includes automatic schedules and easy-to-use editing.
  • Extensive data filtering and drill-down capabilities.
  • Online reporting.
  • Extensive pay rules for complex policies and compliance.
  • Payroll and HR integration shares information with your payroll and HR. Click here to see a list of available interfaces.
  • Learning Centers provide on-demand learning and training.

Optional Modules

  • Leave Management automates the employee leave process.
  • Seniority-based Accruals to calculate employee leave time incrementally.
  • Activity-based Accruals awards time off based on an employees work history.
  • Employee Self Service (ESS) empowers employees with their own labor data.
  • Incidents and points to enforce attendance policies.
  • Coverage Budgets for scheduling and measuring labor.
  • Custom Report Writer.
  • Work Sync is a powerful tool for employee collaboration, shift planning, messaging and compliance with Fair Work Week Laws. Work Sync allows managers to fill open shifts quickly and easily.

Visual ACA Program

Visual ACA eliminates guesswork and provides hassle-free IRS form preparation by doing the complex calculations for you. From preparing forms 1094-C for the IRS and 1095-C for the employees, managing the look-back method of employee status determination, offering ongoing evaluation of full time, part-time and variable hour employees and determining applicable large employer (ALE) status, our ACA module reduces workplace stress.

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  • How Do I Generate Form 1094-C and 1095-C for the IRS?
  • The Affordable Care Act: What Does the Delay Mean?
  • Limiting Penalties as an Applicable Large Employer: A PPACA Business Profile.
  • Preparing for Applicable Large Employer Status: A PPACA Business Profile.
  • Why Not Payroll? Benefits of Using Time & Attendance Data for PPACA Compliance.
  • Avoiding Compliance Issues Challenges in Today's Hospitality Industry.

Mobile Manager

Managers can connect and administer all their time functions remotely and conveniently with an app that can be downloaded from the google or apple store. The app enables more productivity, accountability and up to date information to make your business more responsive.

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  • Labor Management App for Supervisors.
  • Adaptive and Actionable.
  • Timely Information, Better Decisions.

  • Taking Charge of Your Tasks, Your Team, and Your Work Day.
  • Where to Download the Manager Mobile App.

Mobile ESS

Employees can record their time at offsite locations, view information on a timely basis and feel more engaged. This connectivity creates a user-friendly environment and leads to employee retention. The app is available in both the Apple and Google Play stores.

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  • Time Tracking app for employees on the go!
  • Instant Notification.

  • With ESS Mobile, Employers Have Options and Employees are Engaged.
  • Where to Download the ESS Mobile App

Data Collection Terminals

Our data collection terminals range from pin entry, badge, biometric, telephone, tablets and more. They can be implemented in whatever combination is suitable for your environment. Secure, easy to use and intelligent terminals give you the flexibility to meet any demand. Telephony Solutions are available to serve mobile workers as an alternative to physical time clocks.

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IRIS ID - iT100

The iT100 is Iris ID’s newest non-contact biometric offering that features both iris and facial recognition technology. Automatic recognition of iris and/or face is possible. A large capture volume allows for increased flexibility, speed and convenience.


GT-10 Facial Recognition Terminal

The G10’s flexible, open platform creates opportunities for deployment as an adaptable, simple-to-use kiosk in any market sector. Secure user identification and access to web-based functionality can enhance user experience, provide access to services, and drive efficiency.


Intelli-Touch 60 Terminal

The Intelli-Touch 60 quickly and easily captures all the information you need to remain compliant, transparent and profitable.


G-Series Biometric Hand Punch

Biometric hand readers use the unique shape of an employee's hand to verify his or her identity and collect time and attendance information. Biometric technology:


F-Series Hand Punch Terminals

The popular Allegion HandPunch series customized with unique communications capabilities and additional features. These clocks allow employee work times and transactions to be recorded and shared with our hosted time and attendance service. These HTTP-enabled time clocks do not require any software installation at your site.


Intelligent Terminal 3200

The I.T. 3200 is an industrial grade time recorder that provides ATM-style function keys and can operate in any kind of industrial environment.


ID Punch 9

The ID Punch 9 time recorder is an easy-to-use time clock that employees use to punch in or out and enter other time tracking information. Available with barcode or magnetic stripe readers.


ID Punch 7

The ID Punch 7 time recorder is a simple, low-cost way to gather employee in and out punches and perform many employee and supervisor functions.


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