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About Us
The world of business has reinvented itself, yet again.

And CTR/NY continues to evolve at the forefront of these dynamic changes. Constantly ahead of the curve with the ever-changing demands on business from flexible hours, job-sharing, mobile employees, new regulations, CTR/NY has created a true and effective consultancy in a field that has grown quickly from one of product and maintenance to one of concepts, security and streamlined data for information, guidance and growth.  Our adaptability and curiosity has and will continue to keep us on the cutting edge.

Our longevity and success are derived from our continued dedication to technical excellence and client satisfaction. Since our inception in 1945, we have continually strived to be at the foreground of helping our clients reduce costs, implement fair labor practices across the board and provide material to help streamline the process whether it be time tracking of people or vehicles.

Our founder, a WWII air force pilot, instilled the CTR/NY culture with integrity, honesty and innovation allowing us to continually provide our clients a system that truly meets their needs, budget and exceeds their expectations. Our commitment to caring and our track record of providing companies with successful solutions combined with our ongoing excellence in technical support will always be at the core of our business.

We hope you will consider becoming part of the CTR/NY family.

Our Focus

Standardizing time reporting procedures

Provide companies with the tools to comply with state and federal laws governing time reporting

Documenting compliance to time reporting rules

Creating seamless integration with payroll, human resource and accounting packages

Increasing productivity by enabling employee access to their own time reporting information

Reducing costs associated with manual processes and time reporting errors



Successful completion of technical issues within 2 days






Minimum cost savings for clients



Client retention over 20 years

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