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The world of business has reinvented itself, yet again.

To meet the changing needs of international business – flexible hours, job-sharing, mobile employees and decentralized bases, we have created in CTR a true and effective consultancy in a field that has grown quickly from one of product and maintenance to one of concepts, security and streamlined data for information, guidance and growth.

Our focus is:

  • Standardizing time reporting procedures
  • Provide companies with the tools to comply with state and federal laws governing time reporting
  • Documenting compliance to time reporting rules
  • Creating seamless integration with payroll, human resource and accounting packages
  • Increasing productivity in timekeeping and payroll by enabling employee access to their own time reporting information
  • Reducing costs associated with manual processes and time reporting errors

Because we are not limited to proprietary product lines, we can hand pick, stylize and dovetail unique solutions and tailor them to a perfect-fit for your specific needs. At CTR, we see ourselves as unique in crafting perfect client solutions.